StudioONE Awards

From 1997 to 2001, the IPPA published a StudioONE Award.  The S1 was a ranking of the most influential and innovative new media design studios around the world. Each award recipient demonstrated a proven track record of innovation in design and commanded a wide following of other designers who were influenced by the work.

Among the recipients was Digital Minute, selected not only for its award-winning work with leading clients but also for its leadership of the IPPA, which Digital Minute founded and chaired.  Through the IPPA and the DX Awards, Digital Minute influenced thousands of designers worldwide.


StudioONE Awards (1997 to 2001)

BBK Studio (no longer with us)
A hot, Michigan-based studio of 17 designers and staff with a broad range of interactive design talents. The firm’s clients range from its top quality work for Herman Miller to other companies such as Resolve, Things That Matter, Autocam, Terratex, and Jugglezine. (no longer with us)
An interactive and strategy agency with a broad range of talents and a staff of over 500 and proven track record that ranks their work among the best online today. The firm has offices in 11 cities in the United States and Britain and is part of Havas Advertising. Clients include IBM, MSNBC, Talbots, Adidas, Bell Atlantic and many more.

Digital Minute
A strategic design, consulting and technology firm with offices in the England, the United States, and Sweden; the design arm of Clear Winter Ltd. The agency grew from the top designers who built the late Capstone Studio. Clients range from IBM, KPMG and Goldman Sachs to the US Army,, Ingram Micro and

Fork Unstable Media
Arguably Germany’s hottest design and New Media shop, Fork has offices in Hamburg, Berlin, and New York. Never known to pull any punches on designs, their work is groundbreaking and very interesting. Clients include Daimler-Chrysler, MTV Interactive, Lufthansa, Urban Records, and Wired.

Well-known as a pioneer of product design and branding with decades of experience, Frog also provides top quality interactive design and has offices worldwide. Clients include Apple, CommerceOne, Disney, Dell, LA Times, Virgin Records, and more.

Head New Media / Underwired
One of Britain’s leading design firms, located in London, and serving as the design arm of The Lowe Group. The firm is a mid-sized agency and is involved in e-commerce, interactive TV, and intranet design. Some of the firm’s clients include Bass Breweries, Vauxhall, The Tate, Think Natural and more.

Icon Medialab (no longer with us)
Located in Sweden, Icon Medialab is regarded as one of the best global firm’s in Scandanavia, with offices in over a dozen countries, and staffing of over 1,500. Clients range from Alitalia, BankOne, British Telecom, Charles Schwab, Compaq,, Gatorade, Lladro, Post Denmark, Scandic Hotels, Siemens, VW, and many many more.

I-D Media AG
I-D is a German design and technology firm with over 400 staff and divisions that work in everything from interactive design to television. Clients range from Deutsche Telekom, SAP, and Sony to Swatch and Wallpaper, one of the hottest e-zines around.

Kioken (no longer with us)
A small, very hot boutique firm in New York, with less than a few dozen staff. Regarded as one of the pioneers in Flash-based design. Clients include Barneys, Jennifer Lopez, Lechters, Sony, Motown Records, Universal Records, Atlantic Records, Philips Magnavox, Canon, Bell Labs, Bad Boy Entertainment, and more.

Lateral (no longer with us)
London-based hot interactive design studio, Lateral, employs more than 25 staff and focuses almost exclusively on Internet media. Clients range from Bloomsbury, Carlton, and a whole slew of artist sites for EMI to Fox, Honda, Levis, and many more.

Magnet (no longer with us)
One of the original agencies that defined Internet media, based in Washington, DC, with offices around the world. Clients include everyone from Kelloggs to DeBeers, with dozens of other top names like Mercedes-Benz, Infiniti, Nissan, Discovery, American Greetings, the US Army National Guard, Nations Bank, PaineWebber, First USA, Merck, Mayo, MCI, and numerous others.

marchFIRST (no longer with us)
The largest, global virtual agency in the mix today, with over 7,000 staff and offices in dozens of countries worldwide. Grew out of USWeb/CKS. Their client list reads like the who’s who of the Fortune 1000, including such giants as Lufthansa, Sega, Williams-Sonoma, Toyota, Shell, Harley-Davidson, American Airlines, Apple, CNNSI, and Excite.

A mainline, top quality design and strategy firm, based in California with offices in Chicago, New York, London, San Francisco, Sao Paolo, Singapore, and Toronto. Clients range from Avis and Bloomingdales, to Compaq, e-Card, iWare, Macys,, and Washington Mutual.

Razorfish (no longer with us)
The agency that really defined New Media for the Internet in the United States, since expanded worldwide and with approximately 1,500 staff and offices in 15 cities spanning the United States and Europe as well as Japan. Clients include Adobe, AOL Time-Warner, Hearst, Giorgio Armani, Fox,, and many more.

Second Story
A boutique studio of about a half dozen staff that specializes in feature story, editorial content, Second Story is based in Portland, Oregon. Many would argue that Second Story has pioneered much of the modern layout and design online. Their ground-breaking work has graced the pages of National Geographic, Kodak, Yashica, Contax Cameras, and PBS, among others.

Terra Incognita
Specializing in adventure and online story-telling, Terra Incognita is one of the top two feature story design shops in the world, with less than a half dozen staff, based in Alexandria, Louisiana. Their work has ranged from National Geographic and Discovery to the National Park Service.